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Week 3 – Photo Gallery

All the “babies” are doing great – eyes are completely open – they have graduated to a combination of mom’s milk (the all time favorite) and puppy food.

They are doing more than a “belly crawl” from one spot to the other now and have also learned it is not that difficult to break out into that large area beyond the confines of their whelping area!  Now is when the fun really begins, and my job takes on 10 times the amount of work!  Oh how I miss those early days…

They have just been  introduced to grass and good fresh air, and love it.  How can they not with the kind of weather we have been getting of late?  At least here on Denman – raining at night and sunny days – perfect for gardening – so far have only needed to water twice!  But of course, the  puppies take up any slack time!

In the next batch of photos you will notice that they are taking on their own individual look – along with each unique personality and temperament.

Once again, stay tuned…


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